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Does the robot require tracks to run on?

Zero only needs side tracks to connect the different rows/strings so that it can travel accross. It doesn't need any tracks along the rows/strings.


Will the brush damage panels?

No. The brush is certified and is made of soft Dupont nylon bristles. It has been thoroughly tested for long hours on solar panel glass by rotating it continously.


If Zero runs on the solar panel, will it damage it in long term?

No. Zero has been tested and certified for this from a third party lab. The results have been tested negative for any damages like microcracks caused by it during its long term operation. This is also something that we have rigorously ensured through our design. The wheels run only on the outer aluminium frames of the solar panel and the robot weighs less than 30KGs.


Can you elaborate more on remote operation?

The systems comes with an intergreted IOT funcionality that allows Zero to be connected to the internet via an edge device. We provide our clients an access to a dashboard for operating Zero remotely. You can view the robot's status, monitor efficiency, schedule cleanings and raise tickets if your are facing any issues.


How much the robot weighs?

30 Kgs.


What is the maximum gap between the panels the robot can cross?



Hou much is the run time and how it is powered?

Zero can run for 2 hours per single charge. It is powered by a Lithium-ion battery onboard.


How much it can clean in a single charge?

500 KW.


Can we use it for wet cleaning? Will the water damage it?

The bot is IP65 and fully protected from dust and water. So unlike the robots available in the market it can do both wet and dry cleaning.


What's the standard length of solar panel Zero works on? I have a solar panels of different length. Do you allow customisation?

Zero has been designed to run on panels of 2m lengths. But we do provide custom versions that are made for panel length of upto 3 meters.


How much time does it take for the installation of a single unit of Zero?

It only takes about 1-2 days once the system is transported to the site.


What sort of provisions do you need on the site to setup the sytsem?

We need fast clearance and easy access to the site. Apart from this we also need accessiblity to the LAN to setup the IOT and a 220V AC supply to provide a charging point for the robot.


What's the warranty period?

We provide a warranty of 5 years from the date of the first operation.


How much is the life of a single robot and do you provide any maintenance services after installation ?

Zero is made to last about minimum 5 years easily in the outdoor condition and with proper maintanance can run for 10 years without any issues. As for AMC, we have hired third party vendors for servicing and maintaining the robot at a marginal cost after the warranty period is over.


I am interested in this technology but would like to get the system tested first at my site.

You can contact us for a pilot test. We will visit your site for studying the layout and plan a pilot accordingly


Introducing Zero

Truly Autonomous

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

1 Robot Cleans Multiple Rows

Remote Operation Supported

No Water Needed

ROI in less than 18 months


Contact Us

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Average number of cleanings per month

Cost of cleaning(INR per module)

Average monthly generation loss(%)


Plant Size(Killo-Watts)

No. of independent rows

Solar Panel Capacity(Watts)

Sunshine hours in a day(hours)

Days of sunshine in an year(days)


Annual cost of manual cleanin(INR)*

Number of robots required*

Annual generation loss(INR)*

Robotic Solution cost(For 5 Years)*

Payback Period(months)*

IRR for 5 Years(%)*

*These are ballpark values. To get a more accurate estimation please contact us.

Zero is a truly autonomous machine built for commercial and industrial solar rooftops installation. It’s a robot designed to travel from one row to another. This type of system is the first of its kind where one robot can clean solar plants upto capacity of 500 KW.


5 Patents


Fully Certified


5 Awards

Relative efficiency
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Water Free Operation

Truly Autonomous

Smart Scheduling

Self Powered

ROI in 18 Months


One Day on-site Assembly


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Seamless intergration with solar plants

Climbs slopes upto 15 °

Handles y-axis offsets

Spans gaps and heights

Modular track system

Remote operation via dashboard

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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." — Henry Ford

Jatin Sharma, System Architecure, Biz Dev (CEO)


Abhinav Pandey, Mechanical Design Lead (CTO)


Manik Sharma,
Embedded Programming Lead


Garvit Dahiya,
Supply Chain, Operations Lead


Harshit Madan,
PCB Design, Electronics Lead

Our team is a combination of experienced mechanical designers, embedded engineers and programmers. Primarily, we are maker of things and our raison d'être is to find solutions that will automate away the routine and repetitive tasks so that that humans can focus more on building beautiful artifacts and exploring the secrets of the physical universe.

He obtained his degree in Mechanical engineering from IP university in 2013. He has 6 years of experience working in the robotics industry. He held the position of the senior design engineer in Greyorange India. In the past, he has worked on multiple projects for DRDO as a designer. He believes that humans shouldn’t engage in a repetitive task, where they have no opportunity to grow and such jobs should be left to robots.

He completed his graduation from BITS Pilani as a mechanical engineer in 2016 and worked at GreyOrange India as a design engineer. He is well-equipped with a wide array of technical skills in both the hardware and software fields and is passionate about building things that make mankind's journey into the future more sustainable.

He obtained his degree in Mechanical engineering from IP university in 2016. He has taken part in more than 12 competitions in college and lead a strong team of 20 engineers to ABU Robocon. After graduation, he has worked in the solar industry--mostly on performance bench-marking and data gathering.

He obtained his degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IP university in 2014. He has experience working on embedded systems and microcontrollers and has a strong background in physics. This mixture of skills makes him ideal for a programming system that involves complex dynamics.

He obtained his degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering from IP university in 2018. He has worked on a multitude of projects like neuro-feedback systems and smart-book reader out of his own sheer curiosity. He was a senior author of a technical magazine in his college and has published 2 papers.

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." — Isaac Newton

Avinash Pitale, PlasmaBerry


Tanvir Singh, Amplus   Solar


Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, Startup Tunnel

We are being guided by mentors who have years of experience in the solar industry and have a streak of mentoring successful startups.

He has 20 years experience in building hardware and software platforms. He has developed various solutions on renewable energy, especially in Solar PV and has designed and launched special rooftop product series under the name Progeny ( residential ), Dynamo ( Commercial houses ) and turbina ( utility level ) for PlasmaBerry Solar.

He is focused on business development, project operations, strategic planning, and team building. Have proven capabilities and practical knowledge of contract negotiations and new product development. Over 8 years of experience in solar and battery energy storage industry developing and managing 350MW Portfolio across 200 projects.

He is a serial social entrepreneur with a background in Design and the SocialSciences. He is a former Fulbright Scholar with two doctorates from the University of Chicago. Sood has built several different kinds of organizations, all of which are co-located at the Vihara Innovation Campus in New Delhi. The Center for Knowledge Societies ( is an innovation consulting firm, which focuses on user research, user experience design, design strategy and systems innovation.

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